Red Extra Large and Sturdy Rotating Utensil Holder with No-Tip Weighted Base, Removable Divider, And Gripped Insert | Rust Proof and Dishwasher Safe by Cooler Kitchen

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Extra large means big stop cramming utensils small metal cups drawer barely close our utensil holder generous inches diameter allowing space rummaging every time cook there's kitchen tool won't fit spoons spatulas whisks more tall sturdy none tools will fall out hold approximately handled right counter convenience

Sturdy no-tip construction our kitchen utensil organizer will tip over nothing more frustrating than having holder while you're cooking tall features weighted base keep tipping sliding around during stop using small cheap cups flip every time them real deal

Perfectly designed -unique modern cooler kitchen design features include convenience rotating base reach every tool with ease fly tri-compartment divider organize tools more efficiently gripped insert bottom ensure don't slide around rubberized feet won't scratch stain counter

Cleaning breeze other metal utensil holders rust stain counters with ugly spots over time they scratch countertops our cutlery holder has rubberized feet ensure won't harm counter slide around completely rust-proof divider gripped insert are easily removable hassle-free whole dishwasher safe

Our large utensil holder wonderful addition any kitchen- inches sturdy plastic construction dishwasher safe removable divider gripped insert add cart now


Cooler Kitchenby Cooler Kitchen