Sponge Holder - Kitchen Sink Organizer - Sink Caddy - Silicone Sink Tray - Soap Holder - Spoon Rest - Multipurpose Use (Black)

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Large deep kitchen sponge holder provides enough space dishwashing accessories sponges brush scrubbers liquid soap dispenser perfect spoon rest other sink

Being handy countertop tray sink organizer keeps things easily accessible place hand sponge holder protects area soap scum water wet sponges off counter

Kitchen sink caddy made flexible heat resistant silicone sponge tray keeps family safe easy wash hand with liquid soap brush under warm water

Sponge caddy part step kitchen counter organizer collection good dishwashing silicone scrub holder with dish drying mat countertop will always boast neatness cleanness

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Package includes silicone sink tray size inches weight notification dispenser sponges included feel put scrubbers brushes spoon utensil liquid bar soaps even heavy cast iron sponge rest easily with large flat structure kitchen gadget perfectly withstands any accessories such scrubs cleaning dishwashing process will definitely become quite pleasant activity brilliant multifunction organizer extremely high sides flexible deep best multi-use prevent good amount water pouring out table ensure fast-drying air ventilation specially designed ridges washing these tidy scrubby organization caddies problem either wash countertop organizing holders dishwasher clean them hand soapy there hard area try remove stains vinegar pour mat wait minutes scrub brush after rinse running heat resistant counter top scouring has double waterproof bottom which makes storage slip enrich collection single valuable dispensing tool let clear commercial dishwash until done serve again get now enjoy neatness click button add cart