Transform Kitchen 5 Compartment Copper Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Silverware, Cutlery, Utensil, Flatware

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MULTI-USE! Our 5-compartment design provides spacious storage capacity allowing you to easily organize all of your kitchen, desk, or bathroom drawers while protecting them from damage.
STYLISH STORAGE! The beautiful copper color is attractive and provides a contemporary, high end look while matching any home decor.
ORGANIZATION! The varying compartment sizes provide convenient storage for any size of fork, knife, spoon or gadget allowing you to quickly view all items in your drawer.
TOP QUALITY! Our organizer is made from steel so it will not warp, splinter or break over time. Your organizer will last forever!
IDEAL SIZE! Product dimensions (inches): Length: 15.9" x Width: 10.8" x Depth: 2.1"

Transform Kitchen 5 Compartment Copper Silverware Organizer

Beautiful! Stylish! Will last for years! Definitely high quality!

This product is essential for your drawer organization needs!

PROBLEM SOLVED! Made from steel, our beautiful and high quality copper organizers has 5 compartments for large and small utensils solving both your organizational and design needs.

FUNCTIONAL! The grill design allows for air circulation and crumbs to fall through so your utensils can vent and dry off while crumbs do not accumulate within each compartment. You can just lift this sturdy organizer out of the drawer to make cleaning a breeze.

NO-NONSENSE! The solid steel construction will ensure that the product does not give off a wood odor or allow your silverware to slip between compartments or get stuck providing you with an odor-free, hassle-free drawer organization solution with no assembly required.

MULTI-USE! Use this holder tray in the kitchen, office, vanity, or bathroom for any of your flatware, office supplies, makeup, tool or craft drawer needs.

IDEAL SIZE! Product dimensions (inches): Length: 15.9" x Width: 10.8" x Depth: 2.1"

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