YBM HOME Bamboo Cutlery and Knives Tool Tray with 6 Compartments, Perfect Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Silverware, 341

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KEEPS EVERYTHING NEAT AND NICE - This is the only utensil drawer organizer that you need to bring organization and harmony in your kitchen cabinet drawers. All your spoons, forks, and knives will fit perfectly well with room to spare
MADE WITH FULLY MATURED BAMBOO - Our bamboo organizers and kitchen collections are harvested at full maturity for durability and strength unlike other manufacturers. This means, your cutlery drawer organizer might just last longer than your kitchen furniture
DESIGNED WITH 6 COMPARTMENTS - All your silverware collection will be seen at a glance and fully organized when you open your drawer. The large compartment is excellent for knives, spatulas, tongs, and other long cooking tools while the remaining ones for normal flatware
MULTIFUNCTIONAL - We’ve seen this bamboo drawer organizer used to organize desk drawers in the office to keep pens, pencils and office supplies neat and tidy
FITS MOST STANDARD DRAWERS - Measures 18” L x 12” W x 2” H

Having a drawer without an organizer will be subject to disorganization as you open, take and close it down. That is why we designed this bamboo cutlery tray that keeps all your silverware neat and nice all the time. Featuring 6 compartments, you can sort spoons, forks, and knives separately on each one and everything will be seen at a glance. It’s multifunctional to use in office desk, closet, studio, and other areas around the house to store and maintain better organization with items. - Made of Moso bamboo

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