Vipo Closet Hanging Shelf 10-Shelf Collapsible Hanging Accessory Organizer, Breathable Material, for Clothes Storage and Accessories&Handbag Organizer,Shoe,Toys (Organizer Box)

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Brand: Vipo

Color: Organizer Box


  • SIZE:6x12x47 inch for each
  • Material: storage system is made of breathable polypropylene that is wrapped around a sturdy, High quality fabrics and high quality, thick-grade cardboard.
  • Lightweight but tough strong and durable. It also has added mobility with a foldable design.
  • They 're ten easy access, roomy shelves that can accommodate clothing, shoes, handbag,underwears, accessories such as scarves, and much more! separately with airy and spacious bins.
  • It is simple and easy to assemble you don't need an expert to assemble or disband it.

Publisher: Vipo

Details: Closets have for long been unhelpful to the task of organizing clothing items. Much as there is some convenience in the closet, some things are simply difficult to handle. For example: - Inadequate or little used vertical storage space. - Piles of untidily kept items almost making their way out of your closet - Getting your clothes mixed up in the closet; this makes it difficult to look for them when you need them this has become part of your daily frustration, statistics show that only 20 % of a person's clothing is worn 80% of the time; so you do you need to be ruffling through your closet for half an hour a day? Therefore, what you need is a Hanging Closet Organizer to keep just the clothes that you usually wear. The VIPO Clothes Storage Box is the perfect solution for you. Here is what you stand to gain, with this VIPO is nifty closet cube: - Maximum utilization of vertical space, making it perfect for small closets. - It comes with layered unit storage compartments - It also has added mobility with a foldable design - Lightweight but tough, strong and durable. - Ticks all the Eco- friendly boxes needed, in terms of material and processes - Constant freshness of stored clothing

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