XITANGOU Set of 4 Flodable Drawer Organiser Collapsible Closet Divider for Underwear, Bras, Neck Ties, Handkerchiefs (Beige)

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Color: Beige


  • PRACTICAL and VERSATILE: set of 4 drawer organizer with different sizes and numbers of storage cells, you can put your underwear, bras and socks separately to make them easy to find and your drawer tidy and organized
  • MATERIAL: made of durable non-woven fabric and plastics slits to make it more sturdy. New version in 2018 with structure more robust
  • COLLAPSIBLE and FOLDABLE: it can be folded flat easily for storage or transport for those who want to keep the things organized even in the travel
  • NEUTRAL COLOR: we chose the color beige to make it match with almost any colors, no matter you put it in your dresser drawer or the closet, going well with any piece of your furniture
  • SIZE INFORMATION: 6 cell: 34*15*10cm; 7 cell: 31*31*10cm; 8 Cell: 34*15*10cm; 24 Cell: 31*31*10cm

Publisher: XITANGOU

Details: Make the Storage Easy
You are the one who needs to ransack your wardrobe to get the bras to wear in the morning ? You are the one who needs to rummage through everything to help your husband find his socks with your makeup incomplete? Now with our set of 4 storage organizer, all the bras, socks, neckties, handkerchiefs have their own place, you can easily get what you want and help you to keep your closet or dresser drawers neat and organized.

Make Your Kids Love the Storage
With the storage boxes for the closet of your kids, they can put all their tiny things in them, and every time they open the wardrobe, they can see exactly what they have, and they can choose by themselves their favorite to wear, there is no need to you to waste time to find for them the socks or ties hurriedly in the morning before to school. Your kids will love organize once get our storage boxes.

Please Notice
Please don not wash the storage boxes in the machine directly, if necessary, you can use a small brush or wet towel to clean the spots and put it in a ventilated place until they are totally dry.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 6 cell: 31*15*10cm /
6 cell: 31*15*10cm
8 Cell: 31*15*10cm
24 Cell: 30*30*10cm

Material: non-woven fabric

Gross Weight: 1.65 lbs./ 0.75Kg

Package Dimensions: 19.8 x 5.6 x 2.7 inches